Hair transplantation technique, which is easily applied, provides natural results, and has the most effortless methods, is the best. Today, hair transplant surgeons prefer the techniques applied with the choi pen more.

Hair transplantation technology continues to develop to reach the best technique. With the choi hair pencil developed by Kyungpook National University in Korea, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and successfully transferred to the balding areas.

Criteria of the best hair transplantation method

In order for the result of the hair transplantation to look natural, there should be no obvious scars on the scalp. The front hairline design should look natural. Hair density should increase gradually by thickening from forehead to the top. The transplanted hair should be distributed evenly in the balding area. Finally, the results of the hair transplant operation should look natural and not understandable.

Advantages of hair transplantation procedure with Choi pen

The most important advantage of hair transplantation with Choi pen, which is the best hair transplantation method, is that the whole hair is not shaved. In classical hair transplantation techniques, the hair had to be shaved before hair transplantation. This is one of the main reasons why people with hair loss do not prefer hair transplantation. Shaving the head, the poor appearance of the opened hair root canals caused anxiety in humans. Thanks to this innovation offered by hair transplant technique using Choi pen, hair transplantation operations result in a more natural appearance.

Hair outlet direction, hair density and front hairline design

The best hair transplantation technique should provide comfort in the direction of hair growth, the frequency of the hair and the design of the front hairline. It should also provide ease of application to surgeons at every stage of the hair transplant procedure. Hair grafts taken from the donor area with fine-tipped needles are transferred to the balding areas without waiting. In this way, the exit direction of the grafts taken and the number of hairs contained can be calculated more accurately. Direct transplantation of hair grafts without any treatment increases the viability and adherence rate of the grafts. Choi pen method with its fine-tipped needles is the best technique that provides a bleeding, trace-free, equal density hair transplantation procedure.

The other criteria of the best hair transplantation method

The type of anesthesia used in hair transplantation is also a very important criterion. One of the advantages of Choi implanter hair transplant method is the opportunity of painless anesthesia it offers. The procedure is completed more effortlessly and comfortably for both surgeons and patients with Choi pen, which reduces the hair transplantation period by 30%. You can easily get rid of your hair loss problem with Choi implanter hair transplantation method chosen by the hair transplant experts as the best technique.

All Hair Transplant Techniques As follows:

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• Unshaved Hair Transplantation

• FUE Hair Transplantation

• PRP Supported Hair Transplant

• Percutaneous Hair Transplant

• Golden Tipped Hair Transplantation

• IceGraft Hair Transplant

• Motor and Manual Hair Transplantation

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