Percutaneous Hair Transplantation

Percutaneous hair transplantation is a special technique that is applied in very few places in the world. It provides a natural look.

Holes are opened by special blades with superfine ends in the areas where the hair follicles, which will be taken from the back side of the head, will be transplanted. These holes are round, not straight.

Fine holes are opened for each hair with special angles, that is, the holes having the thickness of hair are designed for placement of hair follicles because every hair has a different follicle structure.

This method is extremely advantageous for patients who expect to see a natural look at the end of hair transplantation process. Because the fact that hair has a natural look is enabled by transplantation to the holes opened specially for each hair with right angles.

Hair follicles placed into small holes in different dimensions with right angles by percutaneous method are totally settled to the recipient area. It is not possible for them to displace or replace.

Another advantage is that there is no possibility of damaging the follicles, because the hair follicles are transplanted by being held by the hairy area.

The recovery period is quite fast in hair transplantation by percutaneous technique. The transplanted area that recovers in 2-3 days does not have any scars.

It is not possible to complete transplant procedure in 1 day because it is a very troublesome technique. Maximum 1400 hair follicles can be extracted in the sessions and at least 2 days are needed for the completion of a standard transplant procedure.

This method preferred by patients expecting perfect and high-quality results is especially demanded by the patients coming from Europe and America.