Motor-operated and Manual Hair Transplant

The difference of hair transplantation by FUE technique based on micro-motor method from the conventional procedure is that the hair units don’t have to be extracted manually any more. Even though motor and manual methods are not so different from each other, quite serious time is gained thanks to the new motor-method. When harvesting hair follicles from the back of the head, a circular cut is made in this site. If this cut is made manually, that is, by hand, circular movements to right and left are made by follicular extraction needles. If it is made by micro-motor, the needle at the end of the micro-motor makes a constant circular movement with the power of motor. Another advantage of the micro-fue motor is that the tissue depth is standardized and is the removal of obligation to rearrange and control every time.

Fue motor enables the receipt of grafts more frequently and is preferred in order to speed up the period of the hair transplant procedure. Needles with special and suitable diameters are prepared in the hair transplant procedure with micro-motor. These needles penetrate into the scalp by rotating. This method is preferred in cases that there is no hair in the scalp, so it is needed to harvest hair from the body. It does not cause any scars and swelling. Some patients think that such a millimetric procedure is required to be performed manually, namely, by hand and ignore the time gained by the motor-method. The follicles extracted by manual and micro-motor methods, and the results of the procedure are the same. The difference is the technique of transplantation and the time gained.