Mehmet’s True Hair Transplantation Story From Beginning – Germany

Hello, I am Mehmet

I will try to tell you about my hair transplantation processes.

How did I decide to transplant hair?

I am Mehmet Taşhanlıgil,
I am the Founder of Speedmemory and TEDX Organizer. I provide Speed Reading Trainings and Memory Techniques Training to more than ten thousand people every month. So I’m always in sight. That’s why having a good appearance is very important to me.

Like many men, my biggest fear of my appearance was losing my hair and staying bald. Unfortunately, as you can see, my fear is about to come true. My hair has started to fall out in the last few years. In the end, it has become this.

In fact, every time I went abroad for work, I was faced with the questions “why do not you have hair transplanted even though you live in a city famous for hair transplantation”. They said, “We are creating opportunities and trying to come, you are not taking advantage of the opportunity.” When you have it under your hand, you always put it off, and that has been the case for me.

But now my hair loss started to put me in middle age crisis. I will also be a girl father very soon. I need to welcome my daughter more handsome, and I want her to pull my hair. You know, babies show their love by pulling hair. I have little time, until she grows big enough to pull hair; I have to grow my hair.

My first meeting with my doctor

I came to the HairNeva Hair Transplantation Center for examination. Quality continues at the top level as I expected. The clinic is a symbol of care and diligence. Modernity and professionalism prevail at every stage of hair transplantation. My doctor Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk examined me personally. Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk, received information about my general health, habits, hair loss process, and expectations from hair transplantation. He answered my questions I was wondering. We had a very friendly dialogue. I am sure of my decision now.

My appearance before having a hair transplant.

What was discussed in the first meeting?

What was discussed in the first meeting?

Together, we decided on the most suitable hair transplant technique for me. I decided on the DHI hair transplant technique. Painless anesthesia technique will also be applied. They told me what I should pay attention to before and after the hair transplant operation. I was informed in detail about the hair transplantation process. We also decided on the day of its operation. I continue with excitement, I will continue to inform you at every stage.

With Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk

My hair analysis was done

Computerized hair analysis was done under the control of Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk. He told everything I need to know about hair transplantation. He gave information about what I would experience during hair transplantation. Hair loss reasons, healthy hair graft calculations, bald area measurements were done. They calculated that the approximate hair graft should be taken.

Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk and Dermatology Specialist Yusuf Topal welcomed me.

It was very important for me to have a doctor when choosing my hair transplantation center. Not one, but two doctors welcomed me. Both Op. Dr. Güncel Öztürk and Dermatology Specialist Yusuf Topal examined me. They both informed me about my hair transplantation separately. Each stage of my operation was done by two very experienced doctors.

My Doctor Yusuf Topal, determined my front hairline.

My Doctor Yusuf Topal has determined the most suitable front hairline for me. He made several measurements for this. In the front hairline design, natural indentations and protrusions were required around the face. My doctor determined the most suitable indentations and ridges on my face.

A frame from the hairline determination process

A frame from the hairline determination process

Graft Calculation Process

The areas where my hair was shed were measured. The number of graft grafts required to cover that area was calculated. The number of hair grafts to be taken from the donor area and the suitability of that area for this were examined. The health and quality of hair grafts were also measured. The need for supportive treatment to increase the viability of hair grafts was investigated.

Maximum 4.200 grafts were taken

Each hair graft could contain one or more hair follicles. There can be 2-3 hair follicles on average in one graft. That means an average of 9,500-10,000 hair follicles with 4,200 grafts planting. Hair grafts were taken from the area between the two ears behind my head. Thus, there was no openness in that region.


I did not feel any pain during my operation. I had the opportunity to get the hair I dreamed of in a few hours.

And the operation is over!

Finally my operation is over. The process took an average of 2.5 hours. I did not feel anything because they had painless anesthesia. I was informed about what to do next. I learned what to look out for. I feel very relaxed and happy. I will come to the clinic three days after the first wash. After that, I had to gently wash my hair once a day. I will not use cigarettes and alcohol for a week. I will be protected from sunlight. I will eat healthy and sleep regularly. I will not do heavy activity. I will comply with all instructions.

What I want to add about the operation

The first wash of my hair was done in the clinic on the third day after the operation. They washed my hair with a special medical shampoo. They gave me a medical shampoo again for home care and just wanted me to use it until the entire bottle was finished.
I regularly washed my hair once a day for 10 days. I was asked to keep the washing time short and not rub. I was dried with a paper towel.

All shells were shed within 7 to 10 days. I kept away from sunlight, pool and sea. I made very light walks. I took care not to sweat.
Now I wait patiently for my hair to grow longer. I am very satisfied with the whole process. I convey my thanks and love to the whole team.