Graft Calculation

Everybody who wants hair implantation comes up with one of the terms ‘graft’ almost everywhere. Graft calculation is important for the hair replacement process to make it correctly. The hair implantation cost is being determined according to the number of graft.


1. Select the areas for the hair transplantation
2. Select the number of hair graft density per centimeter square from the chart below.
Technical Note: Your graft needs may vary depending on hair and head structure

Disclaimer: The results of this practice do not replace an expert opinion.

Graft does not mean hair roots. It is the name of the area where hair roots and skin is. One graft has about 2-3 hair. For example 2000 graft means 4000-6000 hair roots.

Before hair replacement graft calculation must have been done by an expert doctor to know how many graft the person needs. After that, the amount of graft is going to be taken from behind the head where the donor area is. The area between two ears and got transferred to the bald areas.

Doing the hair calculation correct depends on some factors.

On top of that, the amount of graft is affiliated to your donor areas sufficiency. For a good hair replacement appropriate amount of hair is needed.

Likewise the hair and the head skin structure is a deterministic factor in graft calculating.

For example, if it’s said that you need 4000 graft that means they’re going to replace 9000-12000 hair roots.

Graft calculations are done by expert doctors control at first meeting in clinic. With hair graft tools it’s possible to give a certain number.

For a healthy hair implantation the grafts must be taken from the same person who will get the hair replacement.