FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplantation is a common aesthetic surgery for the permanent solution of baldness. It’s a surgery that almost every aesthetic surgeon does. However its success rate is not high everywhere. Unfortunately most of the hair transplantation clinics and hair transplant specialist don’t follow the improvements of the technology.

Anyone who has the hair transplant device says that they can do hair transplant. At this point it’s up to you. Hair transplantation is a serious surgery that can’t be reversed and hard to do the revision surgery. You must do your research and make right choices. Well, what should you look in a hair transplant clinic and har transplant specialist?

FUE Hair Transplant Design and Front Hair Line

Your hair design and your front hair line must be designed carefully by hair transplant specialist. You need to know how will be your front hair line projections and recesses, how your hair density will increase.

You can choose your hair transplantation clinic and hair transplant specialist by getting detailed information about hair design and seeing the examples.

Correct Determination Of Hair Grafts Angles

There are 2 different techniques in hair transplantation. One of them is FUT, the other one is FUE technique. Fut technique is accepted the traditional technique and it’s not preffered today. Comparing to FUT technique, FUE technique is more preffered because of its advantages. FUE hair transplantation is done by implanting the hair grafts from back of your head which immune to hormones, to the bald area of the scalp. Taken grafts must be grouped by the lenghts and directions. During this process it’s important nat to harm the grafts in any way. After grouping hair grafts, opening holes for the grafts start where the baldness is. Grafts are implanted one by one to these holes cafrefully. The most important part of the transplantation is this part. Successful surgeon can get natural results. However, to achieve that hair frontline, density of the hair and the angle of the hair must be made correctly.

Correct Determination Of Hair Grafts Angles

Hair from back of the head is resistant to testosterone. That’s because grafts are taken from back the head. If there is not enough hair because of any other reason, body hair can be taken to transplant.

After FUE Hair Transplantation

After FUE Hair Transplantation, transplanted hair will fall in a month. This is very normal and expected process. After this process permanent hair will grow in 5 months.

According to the used technique 90% of hair grow after hair transplantation. First hair wash is done in the clinic, then it’s taught to the patients.

Determination The Cost Of FUE Hair Transplantation

There is no standard cost in FUE hair transplantation operations. Operation’s cost changes from people to people and with the technique. Taken and implanted graft amount is determinative of cost. During your examination, hair transplantation clinics determine the cost with considering graft amount, recommended technique and the other factors. The next step is decision.