DHI Hair Transplantation

The most important feature of hair transplantation by DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is not to require any stitches, scars and cuts. The purpose of this technique is to ensure the grafts to be stronger by minimizing the period during which the grafts harvested from the back side of the head for transplantation are outside.

DHI Hair Transplantation

Dhi technique is applicable only in a few hair transplantation clinic in the world. Dhi technique is a special and new technique which is done with FUE technique.

How Is Dhi Hair Transplantation done?

In classic FUE technique, grafts/ hair follicles are classified all together. Taken grafts are put in a restoration process before the transplantation by the surgeon and put in the holes that cut for the hair follicles.

On the other hand, dhi technique can be considered as a techinque that transplation is done one by one. Unlike the strip cut technique, there is no cut in dhi technique. With the help of little needles, little round holes are made to implant the hair follicles compatible with the hair angle. Thanks to the little needles hair grafts can be implanted with more density.


The main advantage of this technique is its density. It’s the twice of the strip cut with 40-60 grafts in one centimeter square. This density provides great results on the bald area.

This technique provides hair transplant with different angles compatible with the natural hair growing angles, gives more natural results especially when it’s applied to sensitive areas like hairline.

With little needles which is used in dhi technique, reduces the scar risk to the minimum.

Dhi is a very sensitive technique that the team in hair transplatation clinic must be professional and experienced.

Hair transplant with dhi technique gives the best hair design results. Dhi technique is the closest to the natural, has minimum risk of scar, has more hair density and has less healing process.