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VIP Jet AirWay Services Global Hair Restoration Platform

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New Methods

HairNeva – Hair Transplantation Dis an ART

Hair Transplant Journey of Dr. Guncel Ozturk

Hair Restoration Techniques

DHI Hair Restoration

The revolutionary technique in the world…

No Shave Hair Restoration

”No Shave Hair Restoration” can be applied for the two techniques Percutaneous and DHI…

IceGraft Hair Transplantation

Refereshing and Strengthening hair by İceGraft Solution…

Percutaneous Hair Restoration

Special tipped needles used in Slit technique

Gold Point Hair Restoration

Those gold tools Do not cause allergy…

We implant happiness

Hair Restoration Surgery Steps

Pateint’s First interiew & Hair Analysis

To accomplish a healthy hair transplant surgery first of all we must get good examination of the patient, after the first appointment with our trichologist the patient always has a plenty of time to ask questions and it is an incumbent upon the tirchologist to clearly explain everything and make him satisfied giving our answers.

During the hair transplant surgery we examine the scalp with a computer supported hair analysis and determine the thickness and the structure of hair ones , we also measure the hair loss an calculate how many grafts are needed for the patient mathematically.

We also examine the density and calculate grafts needed without bothering the the general appearance, after this initial evaluation and after we give the patient the right info, if we see eye to eye with the patient to do the hair transplant surgery we take the decision to start the operation.

Patient’s Diagnosis

Achieving the surgery in Acibadem Hospital “Accredited for high quality of patient care” we do the initial diagnosis then if any negative evaluation is not clarified, the hair transplant surgery decision will be taken together with the patient.

Local Anaesthesia & Graft Harvesting

The first step when harvesting hair grafts is to locally numb the area ( grid ), after this procedure the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort.
after numbing the area the grafts are harvested separately with a special 24-carat gold plated pins, not causing any type of allergy, the grafts harvested are examined and analyzed by the physician on microscope, after that; the healthy and unharmed grafts are selected and transplanted taking into consideration the number of graft are needed and the area where to transplant them.

Determining Hair Front Line 

We portray the front line of the hair using a particular medical pen considering our patient’s requests and doing our best to make it as natural as possible,while portraying the front hair line we also give thought to many details, listen to our patient and clarify thoroughly with drawing the best design to get the tip-top, to gratify our patient we decide everything together.

Opening Hair Holes

With CHIO pen, we pick out the grafts and replant them directly.
In Percutaneous, we extract the grafts with a particular needle transplant them
this point is the most important in hair transplant surgeries that vary them from each other.

Grafts Transplanting

DHI by means of CHIO pen we harvest the hair and directly transplant them in the scalp.

Dressing & Bandaging and Hat Using

Finishing the first hair transplant surgery, head bandage will be applied, using special antibiotic and cloth to purify the area, preventing oedema to happen and comes to face, we handle our patient special hat to rescue theirselves from rain and dust or any other negative factors that can touch their hair restoration area.

First Hair Washing

We ask our patient to have a rest after one day of the hair transplant surgery, the second day we welcome our patient to our hospital again and we explain to them how to wash their head in special materials we give , we also consider to tell them to pay attention to many things and schedule them a periodic program to come to check.

Periodic check

After hair transplant surgery we call our patient on the days of the year 15-30-90-180-365 invite them to our clinic and look after the process of healing (closely)
Patients coming from abroad we recommend them to send photos via mail or WhatsApp.

Hair Transplant Surgery & Healing Process

After some days the healing duration will start, people comes from abroad can catch a plane after 3 days, after one week to 10 days the patient can have a bath, two month later they can swim and do solarium and go swimming in the sea.
The transplanted hair will fall off completely once, after the second month the grafts will start to grow, almost from 8 to 10 month the more natural hair after transplanting will come up.


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